Call for Participation

Are you responsible for generating revenue from your products? Get involved in the current MIT CISR research!

It's easy to get involved.  Complete a 20-minute survey about data wrapping.  Data wrapping is when companies use analytics to increase the customer value of a product. And by participating, you will receive a findings report after the study closes.

Want to know more about the research?

Study abstract: Data wrapping occurs when companies use analytics to increase the value proposition of a product. In 2017, we learned that data wrapping creates value for customers when analytics help solve problems that are meaningful to customers. This requires that companies know what customer problems are—and be positioned to influence change (enjoy the attached briefing on the topic!).

In 2018, MIT CISR is investigating how data wrapping creates value for companies. They will examine value from two perspectives: financial impact and competitive advantage. The research findings will help MIT CISR understand how data wrapping influences the strategy and profit formula of products so that companies can better navigate digital opportunities associated with their offerings.

Watch this video describing the study:

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