What is the AIPMM Phase Review Process™ (PRP™)

A Best Practice to Navigate the Product Life Cycle

The AIPMM Phase Review Process is the definitive mapping of the best-practices, methods, roles, and knowledge areas of the product life cycle as defined in the Product Management Body of Knowledge® (ProdBOK®)

An Operational Process Roadmap

Phase Review Process

The AIPMM PRP™ can be used as a standard operational roadmap for managing all types of products throughout their life cycle.  It provides a common set of planning, measurement and implementation tools to help deliver quality products to customers in a timely manner.  The process is simple, dynamic and flexible.  It is designed to encourage and facilitate effective communication among functional groups, and to improve the discipline and predictability required for an effective product development and delivery process.

The process defines the life cycle of products over 7 phases (1 through 7).  It defines a set of measurable activities and deliverables for each phase.  The process should be adapted by the Product Core Team to meet their specific needs, and completely supported by a company’s internal management structure.  The objectives and deliverables defined for each phase should provide appropriate checks and balances throughout the product’s life cycle.  Actual phase deliverables produced are evaluated against plans in order to gain approval to proceed to the next phase.

PRP Tool

Factors established, confirmed and documented by the process are:

  • Adequate visibility to products under development
  • Fit to corporate product strategy
  • Viable and well integrated plans
  • Sound investment decisions

This standard is use by a global partner network including leading Product Management Training organizations like the 280 Group in their Optimal Product Management Process.