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Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing Training

Optimal Product Management and Product Marketing training is a three-day course that teaches you all the core skills and strategies that are critical to be a highly-effective Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager. Through a combination of lectures, discussions and intensive hands-on exercises, you will learn about all aspects of how to manage products throughout the entire Product Lifecycle and how it applies to your current and future roles. This course was designed for both new Product Managers and Product Marketers as well as attendees with more experience who want to learn about current trends, best practices and up-to-date methodology.

After you complete the in-person training you will receive access to 280 Group’s Certified Product Manager – Online Course and Exam. The first section of this online course covers all the content from the in-person training, so you can review and practice what you have learned. The second section has additional study materials to prepare you for the worldwide-standard Certified Product Manager® (CPM) exam. There are 18 online learning modules, quizzes, exercises, study materials and a practice exam. After going through the materials, you will be fully prepared to take and pass the Certified Product Manager exam administered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) to earn this prestigious and highly-respected credential.