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Certified Product Manager


Since their creation, the CPM® credentials have come to represent an individual’s agreement to adhere to standards of excellence and a way to demonstrate a commitment to the career. Amid the clutter of credentials and certificates that abound in the field, the rigorous competency and practice standards met by those certified by the AIPMM Certifying Board have allowed the CPM® credentials to stand out from the crowd as the highest certification standard.

The CPM® certification differs from an educational or methodology designation in that it is based upon global best practices that have been determined by analysis of actual practitioners in the field, and, therefore, continue to evolve with the profession.

The CPM credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the functions responsible for championing new products throughout the front end of the product lifecycle, from inception through to launch. The CPM focuses on “go-to” functions that orchestrate internal activities and ensure the best possible outcome for the product.

The dual CPM®/CPMM® certification crosses both industry and national barriers making those holding the dual credentials uniquely qualified to lead any product wherever it may be in the life cycle.


  • Optimize the marketing strategy for your products, manage products during the first half of product cycle, 

  • Ensure smooth transition to production, 

  • Get a one year AIPMM membership and take the exam to become an AIPMM Certified Product Manager®.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • At least one year of experience in  the field of product management (or its equivalency)

  • Completed an acceptable course of study

  • Must be an AIPMM member


Course Outline

Day 1 

  • Overview

  • Exam Guidelines

  • Product Management and Marketing

  • Marketing Mix

  • Product Life Cycle Management Process

  • New Product Development

  • Commercialization

  • Understanding Goods & Services

  • Product Decisions

  • Practice Questions

Day 2

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Research

  • Product Positioning

  • Product Management Toolbox

  • Practice Questions

Day 3

  • Value Creation

  • Pricing

  • Exam Review

  • Practice Questions

  • CPM® Certification Exam