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CPM Certified Product Manager®


Our five-day Certified Product Manager Program combines the latest in Product Management, Problem Solving and Business Modelling to prepare you to create and build products your customers will love. It also provides an in-depth review of concepts to help you prepare to take the exam to earn the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) prestigious Certified Product Manager (CPM) credential. It is appropriate for those who want to understand product life cycle management methods and deliverables, including the key concepts and terminology used in the exam as well as strategy for answering the exam questions and a Q&A for anything else they want to review.


Becoming a CPM demonstrates that you understand both the strategic and the tactical functions of Product Management.
AIPMM developed the Product Management Certification program to focus on best practices that break through industry barriers to set the standard with proven methods and processes. The CPM course will cultivate the core knowledge and skills that apply to any product at any
time during any phase of the Product Life-cycle.


  1. Identify and communicate the strategy for existing products and their evolution

  2. Clearly communicate a comprehensive business model for your existing business, as well as for new lines of business you want to explore

  3. Determine the most effective process and methods for effectively managing products based on market and customer insights

  4. Manage your product team effectively, when you lack direct authority, and even when it doesn’t feel like a team

  5. Speaking the language of senior management, so you can get your ideas implemented by the appropriate decision-makers


This course applies to those managing existing products and launching new products including:

  • Product Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents of Product Management

  • Project and Program Managers

  • Senior engineers and developers looking to move into or interfacing with Product Management

  • General Managers who manage product portfolios and corporate strategy