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High Impact Product Management: Leveraging The Neuroscience & Social Secrets Of Confidence

Being an impactful Product Manager requires you to lead confidently and understand how to work with other people’s confidence (or lack thereof). Confidence is the foundation for effective collaboration, innovation and influence. It reduces stress and increases resilience. Confidence is a not-so-secret but least understood ingredient to having a happy, successful work and home life.

Learn how to apply the latest neuroscience together with proven coaching techniques used by Olympic and professional athletes, elite military and successful C-suite executives.

  • Gain resilience by recognizing and retraining behaviors that can sabotage confidence.
  • Amp your impact when writing, speaking and visually communicating.
  • Use 8 Key Confidence Indicator with a Personal Confidence Dashboard to control confidence in yourself and others.
  • Be a better leader and team member by understanding how confidence can positively influence others.
  • Fuel your own focus, innovation and wellbeing while also reducing stress!

About the Speaker

Alyssa Dver is the expert on The Neuroscience & Social Secrets of Confidence. She’s the co-founder of the American Confidence Institute and author of 6 books, including her latest “Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game.” and her first, “Software Product Management Essentials”.

In her keynotes and workshops, Alyssa entertains, educates and empowers audiences so they can better manage their own and other people’s confidence. Clients include IBM, Staples, Pepsi, Royal Bank of Canada, Rue La La, State Street, MA Worksite Wellness, National Association of Women MBAs, ExhibitorLive, CEO Connection and Vistage. She also teaches both staffs and students at MIT, Wharton and other colleges, high, and middle schools.