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Breakthrough Innovation Through Anthropology

How do you drive innovation? Through insights uncovered by new ways of looking at the world. Data, testing, and looking at the middle of the bell curve can only get you so far. So how do you break through the innovation barrier? By working with anthropologists.

Anthropology looks at the world, and how it relates to your business, in a different way than traditional methods of business research. It is grounded in the principle that to understand the world; you have to engage with it in an up-close, context-sensitive, experimental way. Customers are complex human beings, and it takes a deep understanding of the social sciences to delve into what drives their behavior, beliefs, and desires. It takes that same deep understanding to translate those insights into actionable strategies and tactics. The result? A stronger, more relevant brand that resonates with your customers. Brands that rise to capture their share of culture become fixtures in the hearts and minds of those customers.

This webcast will take you through the basics of what anthropologists can do to grow your business, what to look for when hiring them, and how to harness their skills for your strategic advantage.

Join us as our AIPMM Anthropologist, Paula Gray presents Gavin Johnston; a working Business Anthropologist who will share some of his past projects, how he goes about studying a business’ customers and what innovations he has seen resulting from his work and the work of his colleagues.