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Optimizing Your Product Marketing Team for Maximum Return on Marketing Investment

Product Marketing plays a critical role in successful companies, particularly those in verticals where the market landscape, regulatory environments and customer needs are rapidly changing. High technology, healthcare and financial services (or any combination of the above) immediately come to mind. Over 25 years ago, legendary marketer Regis McKenna introduced the concept of “experience-based marketing”, which emphasizes interactivity, connectivity, and creativity.

With this approach, companies spend time with their customers, constantly monitor their competitors, and develop a feedback-analysis system that turns this information about the market and the competition into important new product intelligence. Today’s digital marketing tools and online media channels are a fulfilment of McKenna’s prophetic statements, but require skilled individuals with product knowledge and cross-functional reach into sales, marcom, the customer, and the competition. Who better to lead this activity than the product marketing professional.

Given the critical role that product marketing plays in today’s complex automated marketing environment, what steps should organizations take to optimize their product marketing teams?  How can product marketing teams leverage their expertise in positioning and messaging to successfully drive new digital marketing initiatives? What is ROMI, and how can organizations get the best return on marketing investment?

Please join product marketing expert John Armstrong, CMO of Zettaset, and Brian Lawley, CEO and President of the 280 Group as they discuss challenges and share ideas on how to best optimize the role of product marketing to achieve successful outcomes.