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How to Fire up Your Salespeople - A Product Manager's Survival Guide

As a Product Manager the success of your product lives and dies by whether you have your sales team on your side or not. If they are pumped up about your product and you arm them and make it easy they will blow out your forecasts. But if you don't understand what motivates them and how to make them successful then your product, no matter how good it is, may fail miserably.

Topics covered will include roles and responsibilities, what’s changed in the customer buying landscape, the customer’s definition of value, suggestions for helping salespeople and getting them fired up about your product, tips for using roadmaps and doing great customer briefings and more!
Join sales veteran David Dersh and 280 Group Founder/CEO and Author of Product Management for Dummies Brian Lawley as they give you the knowledge, tips and strategy to mobilize and motivate your sales team.
Dave has spent 30 years in high tech sales at companies like Apple, Sun, Dell, Oracle and Nimble selling Enterprise IT and Cloud/eCommerce Infrastructure (both hardware and software). Brian has 25 years of experience working with salespeople in Product Management, has written six bestselling Product Management books and is the recipient of the AIPMM Thought Leadership in Product Management award.