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6 Lean Steps to Get to Market in Record Time

A key value of Lean is to “optimize the whole.”  For product management, that means looking at the steps to go from idea to a generally available product that is delivering value to customers.  It also means optimizing steps before and after development. 

In this webcast, Lean product management expert Greg Cohen will share six Lean steps you can take to dramatically decrease your time to market and attendees will learn:

1.       The definition of Lean product management
2.       The business benefits of decreasing time to market
3.       A general framework for applying Lean to any situation
4.       Two key Lean metrics to track
5.       6 Lean steps to get to market in record time

Greg is a 20-year Product Management veteran with extensive experience in understanding customer needs and collaborating with development to create market-driven products. He is an expert and strong advocate of customer centric design, agile development, and a pioneer in applying Lean methods to product management.