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ACPMPO: The Gold Standard Certification for Product Managers and Product Owners

To be an effective Product Manager or Product Owner you must have a solid foundational set of Agile skills. Yet most Product Managers and Product Owners have never been trained or certified in these. And even if they have had some form of Agile training, it is often engineering focused and doesn’t include the critical business and strategic thinking/planning and product leadership skill necessary to fully step up and lead an Agile team effectively.

That’s why AIPMM created the Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner credential. And if you want to be great working with Agile teams, you’ll want to get certified!

In this webcast we’ll cover all of the details of the worldwide standard ACPMPO certification, including:

  • What the certification is and how it will help your career
  • How it will help you be far more effective working with Agile teams
  • How the certification differs from other Product Management certifications
  • Why it is FAR more effective and meaningful than other Product Owner certifications such as CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner)
  • What material is covered
  • How you can study for and take the exam

Join us to learn how this certification can help you be better at your job and make it more enjoyable while advancing your career.