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Presenting Data to Management: Top Tips to Getting Buy-In for your Roadmap

You’ve collected and analyzed product usage data. You’ve developed your product roadmap based on how customers are actually using your software. Now it’s time to present and justify your decisions to senior management, are you ready?

Presentations to higher-ups are key to moving your product development strategy, and your career, forward.  As the product expert, you have the customer usage data to back up your decisions, but higher-ups have strong opinions based on years of experience, conversations with some customers, and what the loudest voice in sales just reported. What’s the best way to present the data that drove your decisions? How can ‘dry’ data be used to animate a story that drives management buy-in for your roadmap?  

Join our webcast to ensure your presentations move your product strategy forward and let you shine.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn:  

~ How to think from your audience’s perspective
~ How to present data so that it tells the customer story
~ How software usage analytics can help drive your decisions
~ What metrics matter for roadmap development

Anthropologist, Director of Research and Knowledge Development, at AIPMM, Paula Gray and Revulytics VP of Software Usage Analytics, Keith Fenech will provide best practices for selling management on your strategy and using software usage analytics to ensure your decisions truly reflect customer needs.