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Positioning Simplified. The Fast Track to Positioning Success! (Part 1)

“Positioning simplified. The fast track to positioning success” is a three-part series intended to improve your positioning skills especially when you have competing priorities and little time to do it.

The first webcast covers four tools that will help you achieve positioning success fast. The second webcast focuses on the research you can do when you have more time for a positioning project. How to differentiate is covered in detail as well as other tools that you can use if appropriate for your situation.  In the last webcast you’ll learn to create a message strategy that you can be confident will resonate with your target audience and why consistency and repetition are the keys to claiming a position in your market.

Learning objectives of the three-part series include:

  • Clear understanding of what positioning is and is not
  • Why positioning is important
  • Positioning for speed and success
  • How to be confident your position resonates with buyers
  • How to claim a position in your market