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Make Great Products: Tools to Get Ideas, Select Ideas, and Build a Business Case

In this webcast you’ll learn about…

  • 7 Innovation Systems
  • 18 Ideation Methods
  • The one best approach to creating a business case
  • A single framework for turning ideas into great products

Product management requires innovation. Innovation is about identifying ideas and turning them into a valuable product. This means doing something new.

And “new” is risky.

You need the right tools to navigate the challenges of innovation. The tools must help you get ideas, select ideas, and build a business case that convinces your peers and managers to support your plan.

If you are responsible for the growth and management of an existing product, you need the right ideas that can create value for:

  • your existing customers,
  • new customers and new markets,
  • the organization you work for, and
  • yourself to make your career more successful.

If you are creating new products – an item or service that doesn’t exist yet – you also need ideas. The right ideas that lead to value.

Attend the webcast to learn innovation systems, ideation methods, and other tools to go from idea to value.