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Building Your Business Case: Getting Lean to Build Innovative New Products

Another weight loss trick? Nope! Downsizing to be more efficient? Wrong again!

This webcast will teach Product Managers how to apply Lean Principles to uncover and flesh out new opportunities to deeply satisfy their customers. Using Lean, Product Managers can get creative in their innovation processes, test ideas with customers at lower cost, and learn how to refine an idea in an iterative learning loop.

This webcast will be the first in a 3 part series on “Building Your Business Case”, guiding Product Managers through the process of building a compelling, fact-based business case to build products that really matter to their customers. Part 2 will provide the techniques and best practices needed to conduct effective and efficient Market Research, while Part 3 will bring together the results of the first two parts of the series to build a compelling Product Roadmap and Business Case that will pass muster with your executive team.

Join Roger Snyder, Principal Consultant & Trainer from 280 Group for the beginning of this exciting series that will help Product Managers build a Business Case with confidence.