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Five Elements of a Killer Product Strategy

A solid product strategy is an essential ingredient to shape your product vision, effectively allocate resources and prioritize the product backlog. Without a product strategy, you can only react to the market. 

This talk is targeted toward anyone looking to create durable differentiation for their products and carve out a defensible position in the market. We look at why product vision and customer research are not enough to succeed in competitive markets. 

The talk will use case studies from varied industries to explore how to read markets, analyze competitors, predict their next moves, and adapt one’s strategy to exploit hidden opportunities. In particular, if your product is not the market share leader, this session is for you. You will learn a framework, steps, and techniques to create a killer product strategy to guide your backlog prioritization and establish yourself as a true product leader in your organization. 


You will learn the five key elements to create a killer product strategy, including how to:

1.       Connect your product strategy to your product vision and backlog prioritization

2.       Map a market and your competition to identify hidden opportunities

3.       Avoid missteps and navigate highly competitive markets

4.       Flank stronger competition vs. attempting a head on assault

5.       Apply the framework through multiple case studies