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Product ownership, Product management, and the Secret Skills for Success

Although Scrum defines the role of the product owner, there is little written about what it takes to be able to perform and truly excel in the position.  Because of this, many product owners behave much more as order takers than true ‘owners’ of their product, and their teams view them more as messengers than leaders. 

In this talk, we will explore simple, yet important, ways product owners (and product managers) can set themselves up to consistently deliver the right product to their stakeholders and create an environment for their teams to WOW the customer.    We’ll also discuss what product managers need to do to be effective partners with product owners to enable their success.

This web session is for product owners, aspiring product owners, scrum masters who coach product owners, product managers, and anyone who wants to know what distinguishes great product owners from good product owners.  It will include an activity and case studies to illustrate key points.