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How to Accelerate Your PM Career, Part 4: Becoming a PM Leader

Are you stepping up and being a Product Management leader in your job? If not, you’re shortchanging not only yourself and your career, but also your entire team. Every product needs a true leader and true champion that can make sure it has the best chances of success. And as the Product Manager, that’s the role that you need to fill. This webcast will cover what leadership is, styles of leadership, and the unique challenges of being a Product Management leader.  

All attendees will also receive a career planning template to help address individual goals, strengths and weaknesses, career challenges and more. Use your completed career planning form as a personalized guide to immediately spring you into action and catapult yourself up the ranks. 

What You Will Learn: 

·        Leadership styles 

·        Increasing your team’s perception of you as a leader 

·        Unique challenges of leading for Product Managers 


About Roger Snyder 

Roger Snyder is a Principal Consultant and Trainer, and VP of Marketing at 280 Group. He has worked in the field of Product Management for over 20 years, with experience in startups, growth companies, and various technology sectors. He specializes in improving product strategy development, implementing full product lifecycle processes, and roadmap development and evolution. Roger has been involved in many facets of the mobile industry, from infrastructure products that pioneered accessing the Internet from a mobile phone, to complete smartphones, to mobile cloud services, to mobile applications across iOS and Android.  

As a consultant and trainer, Roger has worked with companies in various industries, including consumer products, technology, SaaS, mobile, health insurance, and professional services. He has used his experience to help companies improve their product strategy development, full product lifecycle process, whole product considerations, competitive and market research processes, and roadmap development and evolution. 

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