Developed, authored, and published by AIPMM, and available in print and electronic editions, The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge® (ProdBOK®) is a comprehensive, well-written textbook that outlines a foundational product management framework universally applicable to all industries and companies to bring products and services of all kinds to market.


ProdBOK® is an ideal resource for novice and seasoned product managers, product marketing managers, brand managers, and other executives who play instrumental roles in the management of products and services. AIPMM developed and introduced ProdBOK® to bring further clarity, accountability, and credibility to an important profession that is often overlooked and undervalued by Fortune 1000 companies, yet is crucial to the successful conception, design, launch, and management of products and service.

In my 30+ years managing projects and products, I have seen the subject of product management treated many different ways. But for me, ProdBOK® stands alone as THE definitive guide.
— Gary R. Heerkens, President, Management Solutions, Group, Inc.