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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between AIPMM and Pragmatic Marketing or other training organizations?

AIPMM provides a certification while Pragmatic Marketing and other training organizations provide only a certificate.

Certification includes an experience and education component and requires passing an exam administered by a certifying body. It allows a practitioner to put letters after his or her name (CPM, CPMM, CBM, etc.). The certification publishes a body of knowledge (The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge®).  The certification is not tied to one training organization and generally has a network of independent training partners who conduct certification preparation training.

A certificate program typically indicates attendance or completion of a proprietary course or series of courses with a specific focus. The result demonstrates knowledge of proprietary content at the end of a specific period of time that is not published for review.

For more information on this you can download our brief on the differences here: Certificates vs Certifications

How much does certification cost?

Authorized Training Course

AIPMM has several Authorized Training Partners around the world. All of our training partners offer in-person courses and some also offer self-study online courses that can be completed from anywhere in the world. All courses include the online certification exam. 

Fees vary by partner and course to meet a variety of budgets.

You can find a list of all of our Authorized Training Partners on our website at:

Exam without an Authorized Training Course

Here are the links where you can purchase an exam voucher which will allow you to take the exam without an Authorized Training Course.
Please note that only the Certified Product Manager® and Certified Product Marketing Manager exams are available without an official course of study.

Each exam voucher costs $395 and allows you two attempts at the exam

When you purchase an exam voucher you can plan your own path of study. Take any courses and read any books you feel will help prepare you to sit for this exam. Purchasing the exam voucher does not provide any training course materials but we do recommend purchasing and reading the ProdBOK®.