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Certified Digital Product Manager


Art of Building Exceptional Digital Products

The Certified Digital Product Manager™ (CDPM™) credential indicates a thorough understanding of practical skills, processes, and concepts used by successful Digital Product Managers. It ensures that those who pass the exam fully understand concepts from multiple disciplines, such as Lean methodology, Jobs-To-Be-Done theory, and Design Thinking.

You will walk away with the right knowledge, tools, and processes to do your job well, advance in your career, and build better digital products that meet customer needs.

Offered Exclusively from our Authorized Training Partner:


This exam is available in the Productside Digital Product Management Training - Self-Study course. This self-study online course contains everything you need to master the material and prepare for the AIPMM CDPM™ certification exam

This exam is also available in the Productside Digital Product Management Training - Live Online course. Participate in live sessions, using special handouts that you can print for reference and notes, you have resources for the course – and into the future.