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Certified Product Marketing Manager


From Launch to Withdrawal - The Outbound Skills

The Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM™) credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the product marketing functions which are responsible for ensuring the success of the product in the marketplace. The CPMM™ focus begins with a successful launch and continues as the product moves through growth, maturity and eventual decline. The exam covers pricing actions, product focused marketing communications activities and how the CPMM™ represents the product to sales people, the channel and customers.

The CPMM™ credentials demonstrate skills in the areas of:

  • Both strategic and tactical marketing functions throughout the product life cycle
  • Creating and executing the marketing plan and budget
  • Managing the creation of marketing deliverables
  • Creating marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition and revenue
  • Assessing the marketplace, customers, competition, and trends through
    • Research
    • Analysis
    • Evaluation of relevant data
  • Translating insights into compelling business, product or service opportunities
  • Measuring and analyzing product and business performance
  • Recognizing and recommending opportunities for improvement

Live Instructor Courses: