Agile Certified Product Manager Product Owner Credential

The Agile Certified Product Manager Product Owner (ACPMPO®) credential indicate a thorough understanding of basic and advanced strategic and tactical concepts in agile product management/product ownership. It ensures that those who pass the exam fully understand agile product management and are able to apply the concepts immediately to be more effective in their jobs.

Unlike other courses that only teach the basics of how to be a Scrum Product Owner, this course includes all of the core Product Owner concepts and also covers:

  • – How to integrate business strategy and Product Management into your Agile process to drive successful products
  • – Product Owner strategies for every phase of the product lifecycle
  • – How to influence and lead your Agile teams
  • – Best practices to be successful with Agile
  • – Concepts beyond Scrum such as Lean, XP and Kanban

Offered exclusively by the 280 Group 

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