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Certified Brand Manager

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Brand From The Bottom Up

Certified Brand Manager™ covers the roles and responsibilities of brand management, the key organizational interfaces, and the use of the classical marketing "Ps" to strengthen your brand. You will explore the different levels of your brand (e.g., elements, attributes, personality and core values), and how they each play an important role in developing and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. The course will provide insights into achieving the ultimate payoff by maximizing brand equity and brand value.

Master Every Aspect

The course will cover areas that include:

  • Benefits

    of the brand to the brand-holder and the customer

  • Trends

    in the relationship between customers and brands

  • Brand Management

     fitting into the company

  • Interfaces

    key to the organization

  • Components

    of the brand identity

  • Core Values

    to align company goals

  • Brand

    personality, attributes and elements

  • Positioning

    your brand's identity

  • Marketing P's

    and how each influences the brand/customer relationship

  • Customer

    touch points and the customer journey

  • Integrated

    marketing communications

  • Measuring

    and optimizing brand equity

  • Brand Architecture

    and the brand portfolio

  • Develop

    and maintain the brand

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