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Certified Innovation Leader

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Mastering Strategic Innovation for Competitive Advantage

This certification is for professionals who are driven to lead or participate in innovation efforts for gaining and maintaining competitive advantages. In addition to innovation best practices, the CIL™ credential provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to strategically integrate and align organizational goals with a managed and purposeful innovation culture and process.

Product Innovation Leadership Course


This AIPMM ProdBOK® approved curriculum features the complete product life cycle, from goods and service ideation to retirement. It demonstrates unlimited opportunities for innovation. Certified Innovation Leaders™ understand and utilize every phase of the innovation process to produce goods and services that are successful in the global market place and provide maximum return on investment to the organization. The innovation body of knowledge explored in the course includes:

  • Innovation Strategic Alignment

  • Ideation Management

  • Business Case Development

  • Knowledge Creation

  • Project Planning

  • Innovation Development

  • Innovation Qualification

  • Product Launch

Live Instructor Courses:


Self-Study On-Demand Course:

This self-study on-demand course contains everything you need to master the material and prepare for the AIPMM CIL™ certification exam.